ABOUT US: Who is Poe Forevermore?

POEFOREVERMORE.COM is not affiliated with any official agency or entity. It is owned and operated by people who celebrate Edgar Allan Poe, and the little house he lived in on Amity Street, in Baltimore. It is the home of Poe Forevermore Magazine, published by Mark Redfield through Damfino Media LLC.

This website celebrates Poe’s past, his life and work, the history of the Poe House in Baltimore under the care of The Poe Society (from 1949 to 1979) and under the City of Baltimore and the CHAP (1979 to 2012), and the future of Baltimore’s literary, architectural jewel.

Poe Forevermore Magazine is published by Mark Redfield and Damfino Media.

Join us here, as we celebrate all things Poe! The principal administrators of this website are Mark Redfield (producer and publisher), and Jennifer Rouse (webmaster and graphic artist).