ABOUT US: Who is Poe Forevermore?

POEFOREVERMORE.COM is the home of Poe Forevermore Magazine, published and edited by Mark Redfield through Damfino Media LLC. and Poe Forevermore Radio Theater, produced by Mark Redfield and Damfino Media LLC. The principal administrators of this website are Mark Redfield (producer and publisher), and Jennifer Rouse (webmaster and graphic artist).

The stories and features published in our magazine and on this site, and the audio plays and audio books we create, all stand as a testament to the great poet and storyteller, Edgar A. Poe. Stories told in the genres of horror and mystery, of weird and speculative fiction, all owe a great dept to this American Master. And so we pay tribute and homage to Edgar Allan Poe by naming our magazine and audio work after him.


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