The Poe Show

The Poe Show

Tony Tsendeas presents his acclaimed one man show – The Poe Show.

An actor enters the space and casually chats with the audience. And so, disarmingly begins this entertaining journey into Poe’s heart of darkness. The transformation begins as the actor dons a costume. Character make up is applied, all in full view of the audience. Now with a silent countdown from 10 to zero, the Tony recedes and the character appears. We are now thrown full force into Poe’s The Black Cat. This is no reading but a fully staged interpretation of Poe’s macabre tale of revenge and retribution. When the story ends the actor reemerges. The costume and make up changes as we prepare for one of Poe’s most chilling tales, The Tell Tale Heart. The show ends with Tony donning the archetypical Poe moustache and taking us to a poetry reading in 1847. Now we are in the presence of the master as he regales his audience with readings of his timeless poems, ending with a recitation of The Raven.

This theatrical magic is achieved with a bare minimum of elements : An actor, a chair, a costume and some make – up. The performance is very self contained and adaptable to presentation in a wide variety of venues. The Poe Show runs approx 80 mins. The full show can be booked or a particular story or poem can be presented ala carte.

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On The POE Show

“Tony Tsendeas, a veteran actor with an instinct for the macabre, brings these impulses to life.”

“The Black Cat is terrific … Tsendeas squeezes every ounce of horror out of this narrative, and, what is more terrifying, every ounce of mystery”

On The Tell Tale Heart  “Tsendeas delivers the narrative of a deeply psychotic man driven to murder and guilt convincingly, and with great gusto.”

“Then we get to the best part: Tsendeas’ superb rendition of The Raven” - Tim Treanor, DC Theatre Scene

Performance Dates

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