The Haunting Of The Poe House

Our story.

Baltimore. 1938.

The Poe Society is trying to beat the clock to save a little house they know that Edgar Allan Poe lived in 100 years earlier--trying to beat the clock before the City of Baltimore tears it down...

John Sullivan is who the group gets to keep watch and make sure the wrecking ball never touches the little house on Amity Street. This is the story of the three days that Sullivan kept a night watch, and the strange experiences, paranormal or of the mind, that happened that week.


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The Cast

John (and various uncredited)...Mark Redfield
Stella (and various uncredited)...Mary Ann Perry
Ralph (and various uncredited)...Mike Moran
Smith...Eric Supensky
Waitress/various...Johanna Weber
Bill Upton (and various uncredited)...B. Thomas Rinaldi
Announcer...Greg Carpenter

THE HAUNTING OF THE POE HOUSE was written by Hawkins Weber from a story idea by Mark Redfield. Recording Engineer Bill Dickson. Recorded at Drat productions. Copyright Damfino Media All Rights Reserved.

Poe Forevermore Radio Theater is produced by Mark Redfield and Damfino Media, publisher of Poe Forevermore Magazine. Poe Forevermore and Poe Forevermore Radio Theater are distinctive trademarks of Damfino Media.


The Baltimore Poe House circa 1930s

The Baltimore Poe House, circa 1930s

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