Boston Edgar Allan Poe Bronze Bust Project KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN IS NOW LIVE!!

Boston Poe Bust Poster

Since the phenomenal success of the Lovecraft bust which was placed in the author's hometown of Providence, Rhode Island, Bryan Moore, the founder of the project, has the opportunity to do it again with the city of Poe's birth, Boston, Massachusetts. The new Kickstarter campaign is to raise funds to place a sculpted bronze bust of Edgar Allan Poe in the Boston Public Library on October 30, 2014!

Check out the great video which explains the project, and shows the beautiful Boston Library where the Bronze Poe bust will reside.

ALONE: The Life Of PoePoe Forevermore is a proud sponsor of the project! You can find some of our goodies in the donation levels, including a subscription to Poe Forevermore Magazine and a copy of the up-coming 10-Disc CD set ALONE: THE LIFE OF POE, a dramatized audio book of the life of Egar Allan Poe.

To find out the details and contribute to the campaign be sure to visit the KICKSTARTER PAGE at:



Nevermore: An Evening With Edgar Allan PoeAs part of the celebration surrounding the Poe bust unveiling, our dear friend Jeffrey Combs has enthusiastically agreed to perform his highly acclaimed one-man show, "NEVERMORE: An Evening With Edgar Allan Poe," on OCTOBER 31, 2014, the night after the unveiling at the Somerville Theatre, just north of Boston in Somerville, MA. Bryan Moore and Izzy Lee are producing the show. Mark Redfield will be lending assistance as an associate producer. NEVERMORE was written by Dennis Paoli and directed by Stuart Gordon.

(Please note that this is a separate event from the unveiling of the bronze Poe bust)





Tickets for NEVERMORE: AL EVENING WITH EDGAR ALLAN POE are $35 and can be purchased at

You can also visit the Somerville Theater's website at: