Harry ManfrediniComposer Harry Manfredini has come onboard the 'Vampire Hunters Incorporated' audioplay series to compose the show's main theme and create it's score. The first season series of half-hour adventure stories will debut later this year, and are currently in production. There are 14 episodes slated to go before the microphones, the first is called "Corpse Dog". The series is set in contemporary New York, and follows the exploits of detective and vampire hunter Bertram Welles.

Harry Manfredini is known to horror fans around the globe as the composer of several "Friday The 13th" films, and the well-known Friday The 13th theme in 1980. He has scored over 100 films.
Producer Mark Redfield asked Harry Manfredini to work on this, not because of their mutual past in horror films, but because of their mutual love of jazz.

Says Redfield "I'd known Harry for a few years, and we had talked about working together, but this is the first project to happen at the right time. As I was developing the scripts and readying the first novel for publication, I kept hearing that really great urban jazz of the 1970s in my head. It really seemed to fit the characterization of New York City, and our hero, Bertram Welles. And I remembered a long and excited conversation with Harry one afternoon in Beverly Hills about David Shire's great score for "The Taking of Pelham, One, Two, Three". And I knew Harry loved jazz and played the sax. I thought he could really bring our hero, vampire hunter Welles and this portrait of New York to life."

Vampire Hunters Incorporated will premiere first as a full length novel entitled "Cult of the Nosferatu" on February 14, 2015, Valentine's Day. The series of audio plays, with full cast, sound effects and Harry Manfredini's score and theme music, will premiere later this year. We'll keep you posted!

Mark Redfield and Harry Manfredini
Mark Redfield and Harry Manfredini